The Office is designed to ensure maximum comfort, flexibility, efficiency and access to all amenities.

The intelligent building management system ensures perfect working conditions while reducing energy consumption. Security is provided by specialised systems and staff.

Each level is 3 m high and features raised floors, 4 pipe HVAC for simultaneous heating and cooling, fresh air ventilation, numerous elevators, back-up generators and a wide range of Internet and telecommunications service providers, to make sure your requirements are fulfilled.

Green business city

The Office is designed to receive an international green certificate. State-of-the-art technologies and the use of natural materials provide a pleasant work environment, which includes many ecologically friendly features.

Green terraces, a natural extension of the workplace, allow active breaks that stimulate creativity. Thanks to its own system of selective waste collection and a highly efficient energy system, The Office plays an active role in reducing pollution. This allows for consistent savings on service charges, making the project eligible for a 72% property tax discount.

The Office is designed to have 540 racks for bicycles/motorcycles, making the location easily reachable by all means of transport.

This green business city is within walking distance from all the central areas of Cluj-Napoca and there are good public transportation connections to all the main districts.

While supporting the eco-friendly clause, The Office has joined the Car pooling program - a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way to travel, while reducing costs and carbon emissions. You can sign up here or ask for more information at The Office Facility Management Team.
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