Attract top talent

A highly qualified workforce is one of the city’s most important assets. The Office helps you create an employee’s dream, to attract top professionals. You focus on finding the best employees; let us offer you the most attractive office environment.

The Office boosts both the involvement and the dedication of people working here. Its architecture, utilities and services aim to increase comfort at work, enhancing opportunities for networking and communication.

Three floors will be ready to host up to 1,000 people per floor in the most efficient and comfortable way.

The Office has approved track record in providing its tenants with a competitive advantage to attract and retain top talent employees across all businesses.

Open for creativity

All the services you need

The Office provides your business and your employees with all the services that you might need on a regular basis.

The Office will be a great bonus in your offer to attract all the talent you need. No other place can beat it.

Coffee shops and restaurants offer plenty of delicious and healthy options that will make any break pleasant, right next to the office. A food store, banks and a travel agency are also available.